Kindergarten begins…

Today is the day… the boys’ 1st day of Kindergarten. They have counted down to this day for months…”big school” as they call it. I did okay at drop off. Thankfully our principal allowed parents to walk kids in on the 1st day. I teared up leaving one of their classes (as I mentioned in another post they are in separate classes). Last night they expressed a little apprehension but this morning they were good to go…until they actually sat down at their desks. Then they became apprehensive again. My Braddock who usually insists on kissing each of my cheeks 3 times for a total of 6 kisses at 4k drop-off did not initiate a kiss at all today. I had to ask for a kiss and he made it a quick one:( I am anxious to hear how their day went. I think it will be more of a fun-filled day because it is also yearbook picture day. But either way it is not even noon and I am crying my eyes out. Thankfully they did not see me like this. It’s just another huge step in their lives to growing up that Doug is not with us physically to be a part of. I know I keep stating this in my blog posts but it still is so hard to accept. The thought that if I wanted to visit my husband it would be in a cemetery, is still so very unbelievable. I promise I do not just sit around and wallow in my sorrow, but the steps I am taking are a little too personal to share in a blog that is public. Though it is unfair my children were left with 1 parent at the age of 4 due to the work of Satan, I vow to strive to be the best sole parent (a term I feel is different than single parent) I can be. Again, all we can do is make it day by day.

Children are a gift from the Lord: They are a reward from Him. Psalms 127:3 PhotoGrid_1439396215479


About twicethekisses

I am learning daily the joys and trials of raising twin boys. This blog is to document the journey that includes double of everything, including twice the kisses.
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