Fall T-Ball

So I am behind on my posts, and am attempting to play catch up. In September the boys played their 1st season of Fall T-Ball. Doug was the head coach for this season, and our team rocked it on the field. Midseason was Braddock’s broken arm incident, so he was an assistant “coach” for the last half of the season. The season did end with a sad note in that the boys’ spring t-ball coach, Coach Clay (seen in many of my spring ball pictures), passed away suddenly at the age of 34. He was so patient with the boys in the Spring with their introduction to the game of baseball. I still think about his wife and son Will often.

An entire team chasing 1 ball (B is #1 and S is #2):
B getting batting advice from Coach Daddy:IMG_0426

Saw batting:IMG_0465

S scoring:IMG_1354

S getting the runner out at home:IMG_0898
S chasing the ball:1374373_727739517256094_541408438_n
Go # 2:IMG_0823

B playing in the field:IMG_0608

getting ready for the After game “good game” hand clap:IMG_1469

After game prayer:1376505_727739797256066_102771114_n

Go Mighty Green!IMG_5730

Team Party:
S getting is trophy:600622_10151951938766182_161665595_n

B getting his trophy:1385970_10151951937726182_2001659383_n

Go Mighty Green:1377104_10151951939531182_643160732_n


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I am learning daily the joys and trials of raising twin boys. This blog is to document the journey that includes double of everything, including twice the kisses.
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