Broken bones, part deux

So, regretfully I will not claim the “mother of the year” title for 2013.  The Sunday before Halloween week I had B on the kitchen counter washing his hair in the sink since his arm cast could still not get wet.  I pivoted to the trash can behind me and told him not to move, and in that nano-second B apparently attempted to sit up and fell face first onto our ceramic tiled kitchen floor.  His nose caught the brunt of the fall, bleeding immediately.  Sundays are absolutely our injury days.  I think we will just stay in a padded room on Sundays from now on.  Monday his pediatrician was sure it was broken but since B was going on Tuesday to the ortho surgeon for another cast (3rd one) and arm x-ray, he just waited for him to be x-rayed there.  It was confirmed broken on Tuesday.  The irony is on Tuesday his replacement cast was a waterproof one.  If only I had held out 2 more days before washing his hair, I would not have had to do it in the kitchen sink.  Thursday night was Halloween (will do a separate post for that, but imagine the irony of Superman with a cast and a bruised broken nose) and we had to be at Children’s Friday morning for his surgery on his broken nose and the MD pulled out his failed tubes in his ears (bless him, he has been through the ringer).  We half-joke one more injury and we will get a visit from DHR.  But I hope to keep my defiant kiddo accident free for a while…

Will add pics tomorrow:


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I am learning daily the joys and trials of raising twin boys. This blog is to document the journey that includes double of everything, including twice the kisses.
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