1st Broken Bones

It was only a matter of time for the 1st broken bones in our house. Last Sunday I had the boys in our bed playing on my phone winding down before I put them in their beds for the night. Doug happened to be at a Football Club dinner, eating with former head football coach of the 2010 Auburn National Championship team, Gene Chizik. When Braddock decided he didn’t want to share the phone and threw a Braddock-sized tantrum which included 2 body rolls and a fall off the foot of my bed, onto his arm:( With the help of Nana and Granddaddy (and my Mom who stayed at our home with Sawyer) we got B to Children’s ER, where B was a trooper…no more tears there and handled all the attention well, as well as the x-rays and he did not flinch when his IV was inserted (in nursing school I encountered grown burly men who couldn’t handle an IV insertion). The hardest part was him coming off his anesthesia after his broken Radius and Ulna bones were manually reset and a full arm cast was placed. That was hard for Mommy to endure. We have had a few complications (such has hand swelling which required a return visit to have the cast split and some itching) but he is doing well learning to be a “lefty”. We have had 1 meltdown when he realized his Halloween costume would not fit over his arm, but GiGi is going to attempt to work some sewing magic on it.
On the plus side, we now have an autographed copy of the All In, Gene Chizik book (see, there is a silver lining to this, ha).

Waiting for his cast to be placed:1383764_10200810806815863_1487272978_n

at home after the pain meds finally kicked in:1382082_10151902558681182_792054688_n

Today, 8 days later, at his follow-up (Ulna bone still looks rough):ResizedImage951381865095881


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I am learning daily the joys and trials of raising twin boys. This blog is to document the journey that includes double of everything, including twice the kisses.
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