Change is Inevitable

2 Fridays ago was the boys last day at their school.  I know, 3 schools in a years time is a lot of change for anyone.  But we have been on the waiting list for this 3rd school since before the boys were conceived (or so it seems ha).  It is a hard school to get into especially when you need 2 spots in the same grade.  We got the call last week they had 2 spots for them.  I could not be any happier but we will miss the boys 2 teachers Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Tanya.  They have been great with the boys.   As if this new school did not have enough great traits (education year round, a splashpad on site, a fantastic reputation, the boys’ best friend Elliot attends here,  I could go on), it is 4 minutes from home.  I repeat, 4 minutes from home.  Sure beats my hour morning commute at the old school.  This means I can attend class parties now, even if they happen at 10am…can we say early lunch break for me?  It is so reassuring to know that while I am at home working they are a stones throw away from me.  They had a great 1st week with little to no anxiety.  I know it helped that they knew Elliot would be there (he is in the other 3K class) and also that we have visited the school several Sundays for church service.  Doug said that Friday (day 5) it was suggested that in the Fall the boys go to separate 3K classes due to them being so dependent on each other.  This brought back memories of the 2 months earlier this year that they were in separate classes and begged each morning for me not to take them to school.  Doug would come home from picking them up after getting reports of Braddock calling down the hall for Sawyer and say they needed to be back in the same class, pronto.  Then there are things like class parties to think about.  I can finally attend them and now I may have to choose who’s class party to attend.  But if its best for their education and the education of their classmates then separating them is what we shall do.  Its something to think about b/c it will mean an entire year of separating for them once the decision is made. No going back at a school where spots are limited.  And this is the school we have wanted for so long (have I said that before, ha?)

The boys teachers from their old school got cupcakes for their last day (again, we love them and will miss them-Thank you Mrs. Tanya for taking these pics):CAM00284 CAM00289

On their way to the 1st day, also happened to be splashpad day for their class:IMG_20130617_065412_426-1

A few pics one of the teachers took of their first day at school (love getting the pics by the way):1004047_10201264141066526_1428570772_n 999525_10201264142426560_1692325900_n 988644_10201264142946573_1680920399_n


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I am learning daily the joys and trials of raising twin boys. This blog is to document the journey that includes double of everything, including twice the kisses.
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