End of the Season

Our 1st season of baseball is officially over.  There were some times when it was exhausting, especially regarding one son who loves to do everything he is told not do, and loves the attention he gets from doing so (ahem, Braddock, aka his Daddy’s son).  The boys’ last game was against our dear friend Elliot’s team.   I think it was the best by boys have played, with Braddock hitting 2 home runs and Sawyer hitting one.  Sawyer also rocked as 3rd baseman.  Of course there were the moments when B kept trying to leave the field to socialize (fielding is not his passion ha) and when he 1st came to bat he saw Elliot’s family and proceeded to say hey to each on then tell coach (while standing at the tee) who each person was.  I think he thought they were all there to watch him play:)

Last game:

some fishing before the last game:IMG_8309


warming up with Daddy:IMG_8312

Braddock running home for one of his homeruns:IMG_8327


S batting, doing his thing(love the sky here):IMG_8324


S playing 3rd, keeping an eye on Elliot, the runner:IMG_8321

Last “good game”:IMG_8334

Last “Go Green Team!”:IMG_8338

My monkeys after the game:IMG_8341


Cousin Adlee came to watch the boys play:IMG_8313

End of the season party: IMG_8281

Their very first trophies:IMG_8286





Green Team (Saw behind Braddock):IMG_8289

Another great cake by Amy:IMG_8282After the party:IMG_8299


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I am learning daily the joys and trials of raising twin boys. This blog is to document the journey that includes double of everything, including twice the kisses.
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