Mother’s Day

I don’t have over-the-top expectations for Mother’s Day since I am a Mom everyday, which should always be celebrated. We were out of state for a wedding Friday and Saturday (we left after the boys’ baseball game Friday night), and after returning home I knew I had mandatory OT that I had to work that weekend, So worked the remainder of Saturday in order to not work on Sunday. Doug grilled out streaks while I worked and I was able to eat with my family and enjoy them for a few hours Sat night.  Sunday we ate at Dreamland with Doug’s family, which was a perfect meal for me.  We stopped by the Blues Festival at the park by the restaurant afterwards and the boys broke out their amazing dance moves.  In all it was a great weekend.  Sure, there was no sleeping late, no breakfast in bed, no lavish gifts (Doug and I have never been the extreme gift givers for each other, my thoughts are he would be buying me a expensive gift with my own money, and visa versa) heck the first time someone said the words “Happy Mother’s Day” was at 2pm on Sunday, and it was my bro-in-law.  What I love and appreciate is that I am a  mom  365 days a year, what could be better?

My 2 peas in a pod necklace:IMG_20130513_190056_311

The footprints were done by the boys at school and Doug had them matted and framed (school also sent several colored pictures by the boys which I appreciate more than any purchased gift).  These will be hung in my home office:IMG_20130513_220900


The boys breaking it down with the band:IMG_20130512_162940_058 IMG_20130512_162606_657


About twicethekisses

I am learning daily the joys and trials of raising twin boys. This blog is to document the journey that includes double of everything, including twice the kisses.
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