1st Teeball Game

Saturday was the beginning of the boys’ baseball career, with their first official game being played.  They both exceeding my expectations (I may have set my bar low) and I dare say I almost had fun, with minimal stressing (stressing out is what I do best).  Doug is one of the 2 assistant coaches and he has his hands full on the field, trying to keep (11) 3-4 year olds attention on the game at all times.  Granddaddy, Nana, GiGi, Hutch, and Coco all came to cheer on the boys.  There were several laughable moments, including our teams’ 1st time in the outfield, and the 1st batter hit a ball far and what seemed like all 11 players ran and piled up on top of the ball, and then didn’t move, which resulted in a “home run” for the other team since they all laid on the ball.  Another funny moment was a field by us decided to release tons of balloons into the air, thus capturing the attention of every kid on our field, making them completely forget they were playing a teeball game.  I am fairly sure we lost our 1st game, but at this point that is only a part of the event of a teeball game.  Sure, I would love for us to be undefeated, but I think we will be entertained no matter what.

Headed to their 1st game:8959_10151530664021182_794297416_n



B batting:1682_10151530664771182_2136514112_n

Saw running to 2nd base:149223_10151530666721182_1185168634_n

Coach Doug and B and S (my 3 boys):547663_10151530666571182_986016493_n

Our Cheerleaders:534028_10151530667056182_1855501964_n

Gameday cookies:149421_10151530664001182_2099802734_n

with Elliot and Chandler:529413_10151530687206182_1491446580_n


B and S having their own game near 3rd base:


Go Green Team!:73177_10151530666911182_888078610_n




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I am learning daily the joys and trials of raising twin boys. This blog is to document the journey that includes double of everything, including twice the kisses.
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