Carnival Time

We took the boys to the traveling carnival today with Chandler, Elliot, Bryant and Cassie and it was our best carnival visit yet, and I am sure it was because Chandler and Elliot rode everything.  They loved every ride that they were allowed (height wise) to ride.  We definitely got our monies worth for the armbands this time.  They had a blast and laughed on almost everything they did (with the exception of a minor meltdown in between rides, they couldn’t understand why they could not stay on a ride indefinitely that they loved, including the roller coaster which they hated last carnival visit).  They got to play the very expensive basketball game this time, and Daddy won them some (dollar store) prizes from the dart throwing game.  Mommy and Daddy even rode a few rides and I found myself giggling as much as them.  One of their favorites was the super slide and I got more of a workout climbing those stairs repeatedly than I have in a while (sad, I know).  One of the rides I loved was the mini Nascar cars, which I am sure I looked ridiculous on (no pics of that, thankfully).  We ate at Daddy’s fav restaurant the Cajun Steamer after and it was the best experience at a restaurant we have had in a while with the kiddos.  It was an end to a great, gorgeous weather-filled weekend (yesterday we had early tball practice, followed by playground time, then outlet mall shopping with more playground time, followed by an afternoon/night at the lake.)


(angry?) superheros waiting on the motorcycle ride:



Cassie and Braddock on the slide:IMG_20130317_152807_990

Me and Sawyer:IMG_20130317_152822_591

Saw and El on the coaster:



Doug and Bryant on the Moby Dick (Doug was peer pressured into this one ha):






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I am learning daily the joys and trials of raising twin boys. This blog is to document the journey that includes double of everything, including twice the kisses.
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