Update Part Deux

Saturday we visited Paige and Jeremy in Hartselle where she took the boys 3 year pictures. I feel sure she got some good ones, even though it is still super hard to get 2 toddlers to cooperate at the same time. I will post some when I get them. We ate lunch at an old train station called the Freight House. There the boys got to see a train come by up close and personal. We also visited a petting zoo and a wildlife refuge park.

Braddock has had several more ear infections (thanks to full-time preschool now), and Monday he visited the ENT and the date is set for 2 weeks for tubes to be inserted in his ears as well as his adenoids to be removed (we wanted to schedule around Halloween). The ENT said if the boys were identical twins he would go ahead and operate on Sawyer too, but we will wait and see if he has any more infections. There is a 2-3 day recovery period so I plan to send S to school so B can fully recuperate at home. I know millions of kids undergo this procedure. Heck, I even saw many of these performed while in nursing school. I read about many complex surgeries every single day as part of my job. But it is 100% completely different when it is your own child. I will be an emotional mess that day, but I hope the end result is far less ear infections. Tuesday night I had to rock him to sleep b/c he was screaming in pain from his ears.

I am also trying to go full force on the potty training…so far only slight success. Here is part of my “potty arsenal”:

2 Saturdays ago while I worked some OT Doug took the boys to the train depot to eat lunch in the back of his truck. This was a version of their Heaven: being outdoors and looking at trains:


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I am learning daily the joys and trials of raising twin boys. This blog is to document the journey that includes double of everything, including twice the kisses.
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