Vacation Bible School

The last week in July was a big week. Monday was my 1st day to work from home (wootwoot, no more commuting), and it was the start of our week long Sky VBS at church. Katrina and I taught the 2-4 year-olds. Really she taught and planned and I was her assistant:) But I was excited about sharing this experience with the boys. That is until daycare called at 11am Monday. They said Saw was acting like he didn’t feel good, that he felt warm, and that he had thrown up once (I didn’t take that for much since he is being weaned from his reflux meds). So, in the middle of my very 1st day of working from home, I was trying to get together plans to pick the boys up from school and get them taken care of while I finished my workday. My mom-in-law picked them up and brought them to my house where my mom watched them the rest of the day. After I clocked out, we took them to the dr where they were diagnosed with fever and the gi bug that was going around daycares. I of course did not want them to go to VBS that night, so my mom-in-law kept them while I went to VBS. Funny thing is the boys never had another sign of this “virus”, but we did keep them out of daycare just to monitor them.

So I digress…VBS was so much fun and the boys got to attend Tues-fri once I realized they were not sick.  They had a blast and by Friday night I was worn out.  They got to sing and dance and finger paint and color and eat good food and play and watch puppet shows.  We were the highlight group Friday night and got to watch a slideshow where our class acted out a song.  It was precious.  I may be adding pics from the slideshow to this post soon, just not today.  Until then here are a few collages from the nights that the boys did attend:

Night 2:

Night 3:

Night 4:

Night 5:


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I am learning daily the joys and trials of raising twin boys. This blog is to document the journey that includes double of everything, including twice the kisses.
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