Potty Time

Last week the potty I ordered came in.  I introduced it to the boys and they were so curious about it.  Immediately Sawyer said he wanted to peepee in the potty.  In a matter of seconds, the music began to play letting me know he had been successful.  I have never cheered so enthusiastically in my life.  Counting the Britney concerts that I have attended.  Also counting watching the many wins of my Auburn Tigers.  Sawyer was gleaming with pride.  I gave him a Cars sticker for his success, but I think he was happiest about his individual praise.

Here is where having 2 toddlers potty-training becomes complicated.  Braddock sticks his hand out because he also wanted a Cars sticker.  If I give him a sticker every time Saw went peepee, B would never be trained, and the sticker reward would lose its luster.  How do you praise 1 child while leaving the other feeling unloved?  How do you focus on training 1 on a potty while the other proceeds to destroy the bathroom?  Or when you bend down to talk to 1 on the potty and the other climbs on your back for a piggy back ride?

I initially ordered 1 potty to see if it was a success, so Saturday I ordered a 2nd potty just like it.  I am hoping things will calm down when both boys can sit side by side on separate potty’s.

Checking out the new potty:


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I am learning daily the joys and trials of raising twin boys. This blog is to document the journey that includes double of everything, including twice the kisses.
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