Memorial Day Weekend

This was such a different Memorial Day Weekend than 3 years ago.  I had a major scare that weekend and thought that my baby (when I only thought there was 1…before my 1st ob visit, boy was I in for a shock) was no longer viable.  I stayed most of the holiday weekend laying on the couch with my feet propped up wondering what God’s plan was for me.  Here we are 3 years later, with 2 beautiful, amazingly healthy despite being born so prematurely, more energy than the energizer bunny, independent 2 ½ year old sons, and I wonder no more about His plan.

I found out a week before Memorial Day weekend that I could be off Memorial Day and make it up, so I was extra excited for the 3 day weekend.  We went down to good ol’ Andalusia, Alabama to visit some of Doug’s family.  Aunt Jo was kind and took us in, entertained us, and fed us well.  The boys love the freedom at her house (tons of room to play outside in the country, horses & ducks to watch, toys such as a golf cart with a wagon, etc).  We visited Doug’s PawPaw as well.  Sunday we drove to Ft. Walton Beach for the day, and we played at the very location that we were married.  We have visited that spot 3 times in 3 years with the boys.  It’s a neat tradition to have.

I think it was August when we were at that very spot last.  The boys have changed so much since then.  I love to see their new reactions to the beach.  Sawyer loved to stop and people-watch. Both boys loved to throw sand.  They were both unsure of walking on sand at 1st.  They enjoyed sitting by us at the water’s edge and having the waves crash over us.  They did not love going into the water in our arms and not being able to touch.  These boys love water, but they have to touch bottom.  They loved playing with all the toys in the sand, and could have done that for hours more.  Such a far cry from our 1st beach experience where sand was our enemy we cried the entire time.

We chose our restaurant afterwards not by the amazing seafood that would be offered (we ate chicken, grilled cheese and burgers) but by the rowdy environment that would be perfect for our loud boys.  We were sat in the only quiet (yet crowded) area in Fudpucker’s.  I just read last night in my recently rediscovered Multiples Handbook that if you attempt to take your multiples in a restaurant, that you should ask for the check as soon as you order your meal in case you need a quick getaway.  I will definitely try this next time.  We have a time limit in a restaurant ( when toys start being thrown, as well as silverware and food), and we usually always exceed our “limit”.

It was a great weekend and I even passed up stopping at Priester’s (great candy factory) b/c the boys had just passed out for their naps on our ride home.  I think I deserve a mom of the year trophy for that (OK, maybe not).

Loving the cart:

Playing hard:

Braddock discovered a new toy, which he tried to rip apart (atta’ boy):

Sawyer’s hair is long enough to french braid, and he slept while having it done:

Deciding if they like the beach:

The place to be (not for me):

So this post is not complete b/c I have several cute pics of the boys playing on the beach in their swimsuits, but my camera just refuses to download pics on this computer.  So if I soon am able to force it to do so or if my good laptop is revived, I will add pics in a new post.  I just didn’t want the 4th of July to be here and I had yet to post about Memorial Day.


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I am learning daily the joys and trials of raising twin boys. This blog is to document the journey that includes double of everything, including twice the kisses.
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