Mixed Emotions

Written June 11, 2012:
Today the boys started Two-K school. I have complete mixed emotions about this. I wanted to keep them out of daycare for as long as possible. Though 2 1/2 years is a good while, I am still not mentally ready for this step. After all, the boys still have seperation anxiety breakdowns at the church nursery, and that is for 1 hour on Sundays.  IF/When they adjust at school, I know it will be a great thing for them.  We toured the school on Thursday with the boys and there was only slight hesitation.  Once they say a few toys they wanted they forgot all about their anxiety.  I so hope that happened this morning and every morning here after.  I got them ready and packed and Doug took them.  I knew there was no way I would survive that 1st drop-off.  I get to be the good guy and pick them up in the afternoons.

The good news is that once I am working from home they will only be 15 minutes from me.  And thankfully they are only going 3 days a week for now, Gigi will still be keeping them 2 days a week.

Today is going to be the longest day of work in my life.  I am so anxious to see those curly blonde heads.  A plus about this school is they have a nice outdoor play area and spend alot of time there everyday.  The bad part is that it is supposed to be raining a good portion of this week.  If they can be outside and run around they will be 2 happy boys.

Everything I bought and packed for them, with names on everything (including cups, sunscreen, bugspray, etc):

Trying out the napmats:

Headed out the door bright and early this morning:

Day 2, June 12:

Today ended up being a pretty day and though the boys had a breakdown this morning when Doug dropped them off, they were outside playing when I arrived to pick them up, and DID NOT want to leave.  They were playing in the same corner of the play yard, but with 2 different toys (while other kids were standing there with no toys…I pray my boys aren’t bullies).  Thankfully there wasn’t a huge fit thrown…this time.  But I did appear as a kidnapper trying to coerce my children from the playground, all the while them screaming “no” at me.  Have I mentioned that they love to be outside?  Because they do.

They do both have runny noses now and Sawyer didn’t sleep much last night (which tells me it may be a head cold in his ears), but it was only a matter of time (apparently day 1) before the boys caught a daycare crud.


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I am learning daily the joys and trials of raising twin boys. This blog is to document the journey that includes double of everything, including twice the kisses.
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