It’s A Girl!

No, we are not expecting again, as our little family is 100% complete.

Wednesday my sis-in-law Mandi had a gender reveal party to reveal the sex of her baby to the family as well as to herself and my brother-in-law. They had the ultrasound the day before, and I commend their patience for waiting an entire day before finding out with the rest of us. My guess was a boy, and this is how I came to that conclusion:
1. The ultrasound tech said at 8 weeks she was thinking boy (sure that was early, but I still let it influence me).
2. At another u/s they had done, her sister kept pointing saying “is that a ___”…I never knew what they blank was but assumed a boy part would have been obvious then.
3. For the u/s on Tuesday, she said the baby had it’s ankles crossed but the tech could tell with 100% certainty what it was…again, my thoughts were protruding boy parts would have been obvious even with crossed ankles.
4. Tuesday, while standing in a chair to retrieve a ball that Sawyer threw on top of the fridge, I found the box of remaining “It’s a Boy” bubble gum cigars from when the boys were born. Now I know this didn’t mean she was having a boy, it meant I should clean the top of my fridge more often.

So it is a good thing that I am not a betting woman, and I also know my true calling is not to be a detective. I am very happy to be a 1st time aunt and to welcome my 1st niece in October. It will be hard not to buy every pink thing I find (but not too hard, b/c my checking account will be a constant reminder).

The happy couple before the reveal:

Braddock with a mustache, guessing boy like Mommy (he was serious about his choice):

Cutting the cake:

Its a Girl! It’s a good thing it is a girl, because the pink shirt would have been off-putting otherwise:

Finally watching the full ultrasound:

The boys and their friend Breanna:


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I am learning daily the joys and trials of raising twin boys. This blog is to document the journey that includes double of everything, including twice the kisses.
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