One-on-One Time

Saturday we made plans for individual time with each son.  7:30 Saturday morning Doug left with Sawyer to attend Free Comic Book Day with several friends and kiddos.  At the same time, Braddock and I left for our morning of fun, which included breakfast at Mikey D’s, playing at the park, and a trip to Walmart where he got his own selection of toy cars and got to ride the mini-carousel several times.  Once we got home, we played outside until Daddy and Sawyer came home (with B taking a short nap in between).  Sawyer’s Daddy time included IHOP breakfast, Free Comic Book Day where he got to meet characters such as SpiderMan as well as collected several free comic books and a Thor figurine, and finished off at Chuck-E-Cheese.

Later that evening we all went out to eat dinner together, then I took Sawyer to buy his own toys, and we ended up at another local park where he got to play his little heart out.  Sawyer was “adopted” at the park by 2 little girls who badly wanted to play with him.  It was so funny to see them try to force him to play with them and try to pick him up (he was almost their size).  Sawyer ended up playing at the park until almost bedtime.  Meanwhile, Dog took Braddock to see the Avengers in 3D with the Hall family.  This was the plan b/c Braddock is our t.v. watcher.  But he did not make it past the opening credits of the movie.  He wanted to play in the floor and was singing loudly along with the previews as if he were at home.  Doug did not want to be selfish to everyone else there who paid $14.50 for a movie ticket, so he and Braddock came on home.  No worries, Doug went and saw the movie on Sunday (nothing like paying for a movie twice in 24 hours).

When we get the boys separate they have such different personalities.  I even noticed it at the parks…Braddock is still a nonstop toddler, but Sawyer becomes more timid and shy.  He even asked where Braddock was a few times at the park.  Doug said he noticed the same thing.

  At dinner, we had an older couple come to us and say they had 37 year-old twin daughters, and that our boys were mild compared to them.  I love hearing everyone’s twin stories when we are in public…sometimes it is just “my sister’s husband’s cousin has twins”, but that’s okay with me. 

Screenshot of the news story about Free Comic Book Day (slow news day, I assume) where Saw had a split second of screen time:

Sawyer at Chuck-E-Cheese withChandlerand Elliot…Doug said Saw didn’t want to leave the basketball game…future Lebron James, maybe? :

Saw with his comic book loot:

Before Braddock became restless at the 3-D movie:

An array of pics from my half-day with Braddock-Riding the mini-carousel, playing at the park, creek watching, eating b’fast at Mickey D’s:

A collage from Sawyer’s park time (Sawyer on the slide with 1 of the girls who desperately wanted to play with him, she did end up teaching him how to climb up the curvy slide):

Asleep by 7:00pm on Sunday, sign of a good weekend:

Mommy gave the boys tattoos (which was off-putting at 1st b/c they know Mommy’s hatred for “bugs”):

Super Moon Saturday (with a foggy lens…I ended up liking this shot best):

Playing with daddy:


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I am learning daily the joys and trials of raising twin boys. This blog is to document the journey that includes double of everything, including twice the kisses.
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