Could it be time?

Last night I received a text from GiGi (Doug’s mom, who keeps the boys). She said she and the boys may be ready to try potty training. So today I sent pull-ups that I has already bought “just in case”, some Cars stickers that I also bought “just in case”, some mini packets of M&Ms for rewards, and some Cheerios to put in the toilet as I have heard this makes for a fun potty training game. It is funny because earlier in the night before her text Sawyer pointed to the bathroom and said “peepee”, so we took him in the bathroom and put him on the toilet backwards, with the only results being him holding himself like he knows men do when they peepee.
Today I get a text update from GiGi saying Sawyer set on toilet but no peepee (he has been fascinated with the toilet for a few months). She said she asked him where he peepees and he pointed to the bathroom. Braddock cried the whole time (which is a twin thing…Sawyer was getting GiGis attention and B couldn’t understand why). I guess that is where a second Potty will come in handy. This is something we aren’t going to force. We know it will happen in their time. I have read different potty training stories of multiples. One is boy/girl twins who are 1 month older than the boys, who just became potty-trained days ago. I do not worry over this, because they were full-term twins, where my boys were not. Another story is the Jones Quints
who started potty training their multiples at age 3. I am looking forward to buying cute boy undies, with dinosaurs, cars, superheroes and trains on them.

By the end of night one: decision time…we need training potties.  I have now been researching the best potty for the price.  Ideally I would like to purchase 2 for our home and 2 for GiGis…even better would be 4 for our home, 2 for upstairs and 2 for downstairs.  They don’t sell cheap potties with good reviews…shocking, I know.  The most important thing is that their tushies are comfy and that it holds in boy peepee.  We know from grown men that  can be difficult even with big potties;)

I will add a pic to this post soon, I am beyond ready for bed now (Braddock is sick which is draining, bless his heart).


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I am learning daily the joys and trials of raising twin boys. This blog is to document the journey that includes double of everything, including twice the kisses.
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