Circus Time

I learned 3 important lessons at the circus yesterday. 1. Don’t put your toddler in the nosebleed seats because they can’t see well from that far away. 2. Don’t take your toddlers to an 11:30 am Circus which is their lunchtime, then show them a tub of popcorn, b/c their only concern for the next hour will be the popcorn, not the circus acts risking their lives for our entertainment below us. 3. Don’t dress your children in green shirts and then hope to get a cool picture done with a “green screen” set up. I have more (like don’t wait until intermission to go the bathroom with everyone else) but I don’t won’t this to be a negative blog.

The boys were fascinated with the circus at first, but by intermission we were all done.  It didn’t help that this theme was “Dragons” so it was a lot of dancing around and karate type stuff that didn’t even hold my interest, let alone my 2 very active toddlers.  Doug and I vowed that if when we bring them back to the circus,  they will need to be a little older (hello Captain obvious since the would not be any younger) and we will have to fork out big dough for the good seats (like $50-$100/seat tickets).

Wanting a $20 plastic toy:

Watching the pre-show from a distance (the painting elephant):

Sawyer excited, Braddock taking it all in:

Daddy and Granddaddy with the boys:

The “cats” as the boys called them:

The show:


The boys on the loose:


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I am learning daily the joys and trials of raising twin boys. This blog is to document the journey that includes double of everything, including twice the kisses.
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